New and Approved Used Cars

New Cars

Over 60% of our business is improving the desirability of new cars. Our expertise is helping dealerships meet the exact requirements of their customers more precisely and quickly. A new car buyer may take time to decide on the exact specification of his new vehicle but once his mind is made up he wants the car in a hurry.

If the customer cannot find the correct specification car locally he will often look further afield.This is where Trim Technik can help, by adding leather to a cloth car or adding heated seats or parking systems where they are needed we can help the dealership match their customers requirements and close the sale quickly.

“Approved” Used Cars

When dealerships take a car in part exchange or acquire fresh used stock there are often cars that experience tells you should have leather. The addition of a leather interior ensures these cars sell, indeed in certain situations a leather interior is essential. Trim Technik can add another dimension to your used car stock.

Nothing changes the look and feel of a car as much as a new leather interior, a two or three year old car with a new leather interior looks like new, has unique selling features and represents excellent value.